Thursday, August 25, 2011

Winnetka Farms.

Hello Friends,

Yesterday I was invited to one of the most fabulous places I have been to in a long time...Winnetka Farms.  Located in the very "settled" San Fernando Valley, Winnetka Farms is an urban homestead that has chickens, fruit trees, and lots of scrumptious Italian veggies.  Craig and Gary have put lots of LOVE into their farm and it shows. 

Artichoke in bloom.
 When one arrives, you are greeted to the front field of artichokes in full bloom along with various fruit trees.  The back 'yard' is filled with rows of Italian veggies and herbs along with dozens of fruit trees.  It is a gorgeous example of how farming can be beautiful.  The whole area (entire property) is heavily mulched. 

GARDEN REMINDER:  Mulch is a great way to improve your soil & conserve moisture.  It allows for desirable critters, such as worms, to make the uppermost surface area of the soil home.  It maintains an area of moisture and protection that is the perfect environment for plant roots.  Think of mulch as a protective blanket for the soil.  It protects & improves (the nutrient content, soil food web diversity) of your soil as it breaks it looks great! 

These are Barnevelder chickens.  This breed was selected due to its heat and cold tolerance.  Not to mention it's beauty.  Hens and eggs for sale!  Check it out online.

What a beauty!  She just caught a Japanese Beetle just before this photo.  Good girl.

These hens eat a diet of veggies and grain.  Chickens are omnivores and love to eat insects, grasses, etc, etc.
 Craig invited me over not only to see the farm, but to learn how they harvest their chickens and process them for dinner.  It was an amazing experience to see and experience first hand what it is like to take a living organism and see to it's humane death and processing from start to finish.  I have been a meat eater all of my life and I think it was important for me to be a part of the process.  I have a greater respect for all the pieces of the food web puzzle.  Thank you Craig for imparting your wisdom.

The lovely ladies of Winnetka Farms, Barnevelders.  The not as lovely lady (front and center) is the eldest in the flock.
  If you would like more information on Winnetka Farms, please use this link.  click here.

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  1. Winnetka Farms sounds like a truly wonderful place. Such beautiful chickens! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the mulch reminder, something needed in all this heat!