Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'd like to introduce the gorgeous Chasmanthe!

Hello Friends,

In gardens tucked away all over town, there is a glorious bloom occuring.  Upon first glance, it is a cluster of fan shaped, brilliant green foliage that resembles bearded iris in form and vigor.  Held atop this foliage are warm jewel colored flowers, in shades of red-orange to yellow. This gorgeous display is of the elegant yet informal Chasmanthe, or Cobra Lily. 

Chasmanthe is a genus of plants that bloom in the early spring to summer.  Originally from South Africa, they are well adapted to the climate here in Southern California and naturalize in gardens quite easily.  Each year the display increases as this plant stretches its legs and its clump increases.  The following photos were recently taken in Ojai, CA where this beauty soaks up the early spring sun.  I especially love how the foliage catches the afternoon light.

This yellow really cheers up the garden!

Here you can see how the plant clumps and spreads.  Great for naturalizing!

Here you can see how it gets its name, Cobra Lily.  Those arching flowers are getting ready to strike!

What could be better than this?  Afternoon light streaming through the gorgeous apple green foliage.

Cobra Lily nestled into a low water situation...feels right at home.

This pic was sent to me after I took the others....see the progression of the flower...Gorgeous!

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