Sunday, August 14, 2011

Colour, wonderful colour!

Hello Friends!

It is a beautiful Sunday here in Ojai, CA.  Spending multiple days here is a real treat.  I am sitting looking out over the green, Oak-studded mountains that are punctuated with dry, open spaces of dry grasses.  The natural beauty here is absolutely stunning!  As I drink in the natural beauty my mind wanders to another time I spend drenched in natural beauty of a different sort.... The Chelsea Flower Show in London, England. 

The following pics were taken in May of this year and represent just a taste of the botanical menagerie that is exhibited for events holders to see.  Please enjoy, and may the color of nature elevate your mood no matter what you are feeling at this moment... may your day be just a little (or a lot) more colorful! 

Oriental Poppy, Papaver orientale.

A bevy of tuberous Begonias along with a downpour of Delphinium.

Rex Begonias make great houseplants in bright, indirect light.

Chrysanthemum spheres.

Contrasting tulips make for a stunning display. 

Bougainvillea bonanza!

Bougainvillea come in a variety of color and sizes.

Lavander-a-plenty.  Yes, it comes in white and pink as well!

Asiatic lilies are real show stoppers.

Yeah, I have about 100 photos of these guys.  Gorgeous!

Streptocarpus sp:  a great houseplant that blooms year round!  A must have for any home.

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