Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sherman Library and Gardens.

Hello Friends,

Do you like succulents?  A visit to the Sherman Library and Gardens in Corona Del Mar, CA is a MUST!  The gardens hold many horticulture treasures for the senses in its 2+ acres on the California coast.  I loved the whole place, but absolutely fell in love with their cacti and succulent garden brimming over with color and form.  It was also dotted with Epiphytes (that's right, I said it Epiphytes! is the Bromeliad and Cacti families that live without soil on cliffs or tree tops.)

I think one of the great things about visiting other gardens is taking home some inspiration for your own garden.  I hope these pics inspire you to create a piece of heaven in your own yard.  And the best part...succulents use very little water!  How cool is that?!

I hope you are inspired and will even visit the gardens themselves.  Check out this link:  Sherman Library and Gardens.

Upon entering the gardens you are greeted with this gorgeous pool and fountain.

And greeted with this adorable garden helper, doing his part to keep the place up.

Succulents along the stairs, why not?!  Looks amazing in person and adds that touch of magic to the garden.

Biggest Rhipsalis sp. I have EVER seen.  Yes, it could be called Cousin It.  I like to call it amazing!

This dry river bed is executed to perfection.  Talk about water wise!  It not only saves water but it 'saves' water by letting rainfall recharge the ground supply.  Genius!

Why not 'paint' a picture in your garden with succulents?

It is a canvas of plants and rocks.

Garden Art.

Here we have a mixing of plant types:  Bromeliads on the left and Succulents of the right.  Stunning.

Say cheese...  I could not help it...that is the biggest Furcrea sp. I have ever seen!  Wowsa.

Love this color and form!

Great plant combo!  Pennisetum rubrum, Orange Nemesia, Pelargonium 'Vancouver Centennial', and a Lime foliage Bacopa.

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